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My shorts

2008-01-17 15:59:09 by deadly1018

The nexk flash movie to come out is a shorts flash. quick flashes made for just the humor of it. got any idea's? pm em in! ill be happy to look at some and maybe even put em in my flash!

Raichu's list finished!

2008-01-14 19:34:03 by deadly1018

My newest movie Raichu's list is finished go check it out here! Awesome link to movie!!!

Raichu's list finished!

My new movie raichues list is almost done and out, just finishing a massive amount of actionscript and the last drawrings of the death pokemon!! i dont really think ive gotten any suggestions but thats cuz noone is looking at my pro. but thats ok for those of you who do check out my beta vid and tell me what you think!!

AH HA!!!! well my big movie Riachu's list is almost complete. about like hrmm, 10 more parts to go, maybe another 3 weeks and ittl all be done. Um, yeah working on a preloader so you guys arent all ike DURKA DURKA I ONLY SEE BLACK SCREEN!!!! so yeah. there ya go, *I hate actionscript* but just to keep all of you informed, like anyone looks at my profile anyway. lol.

raichu's list teaser

2007-11-18 18:42:07 by deadly1018

Raichu's list. the teaser, been wrking on it for about 4 months now, (ive had hw to do) and well look at it i hope you guys like it. and please post.

raichu's list teaser

my newest flash movie.

2007-11-09 11:28:58 by deadly1018

My newest Flash movie "Shindlers list, Renacted my Pokemon" AKA Raichus list has started, we currently only have 2 people working on it, but since im devil fast with animations and have no life outside of school, i am practicly 3 people by myself. Im quess im just letting you know that there is a really good movie on the way and that all of you should neviously wait for this awesome movie, i will have a teser movie out soon, i hope you all get a good look at it. anyway, wilst you wait check put my Demon Flare movie, and tell me what you think, so i can learn for my old animations and make this raichu's list the greatest movie i have ever made! thanks a bunch, and please pm me!